Face Hunger™

Face Hunger™ evolved from a program entitled Hunger 101 which was developed as part of the educational arm of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, revised by the Emory School of Public Health, and adapted and revised by the Advocacy Department of the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, DC.

Face Hunger™ is a role-play and discussion activity that raises awareness and understanding of hunger and its many causes. It is effectively used in schools, universities, community and professional organizations, the workplace and faith based groups.

The activity is appropriate for groups of approximately 15 people or more, ages 12 and older. The Face Hunger™ activity and discussion period take approximately one hour and include an introduction to additional Capital Area Food Bank programs. Face Hunger™ can also be tailored in length and scope to meet the needs of specific groups.

The Face Hunger™ workshop is highly interactive. Each participant receives a profile packet with information about the identity, income, and available resources of a person at risk of hunger. The identities vary and may include being on a fixed income, a single parent dependent on the government for financial support, the victim of job loss or natural disaster.

Each participant “becomes” a person suffering from hunger through a series of exercises, facing the challenge of providing nutritious meals for their family. They must budget their money and use the limited resources available to people in need of emergency food. Participants deal with government agencies, private charities, community members, and issues such as racism, crime, and illiteracy. In this way, Face Hunger™ enables participants to walk in the shoes of a person in need of food and experience real situations common to those at risk of hunger.

The role-play session is followed by a discussion that allows participants to talk about feelings they experienced during the activity and issues relevant to the problems they faced. Short and long term strategies to alleviate poverty and hunger are addressed.

For more info, please contact Amanda Melara at amelara@capitalareafoodbank.org.