Food Assistance Partners

CAFB DOES NOT FOLLOW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER DECISIONS. For a status update, call 202-644-9800 or check the scrolling weather list on ABC Channel 7 news. If CAFB delays opening, pickups and shopping slots are pushed back by that amount of hours. In the event of weather closure, no pickups, shopping slots or deliveries will occur. We will contact you to reschedule.

Capital Area Food Bank food assistance partners receive access to donated products, fresh produce and USDA emergency food commodities, which allow them to redirect funds normally spent on food to other social service programs.

Food Bank News

  • Thanks to CM At-Large Silverman for touring with our DC team today! We appreciate your support ,
  • Millenials are learning much earlier than their parents did that all calories are not created equal--Dan Kish, ,
  • "Kids need to understand nutrition. When a child is obese,they’re made fun of,they have sleep apnea..can't focus on learning" @sengillibrand ,
  • Looking forward to hearing what chef & Deb Eschmeyer of have to say re healthy food in the DC area at ,
  • Did u hear that crunch? Today, we join to spread the word that every child deserves healthy breakfast ,

For more information send an email to or call 202-644-9822 or 703-541-3063.