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Growing Gardeners and Healthy Eaters: The Capital Area Food Bank Celebrates Food Day

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  Today marks the inaugural Food Day, an initiative created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to inspire Americans to think about their relationship with food.  Modeled after Earth Day, Food Day is intended to generate recognition of the challenges we face in changing the way we think about, produce and consume food… Read more »

Packed Snacks and Garden Grub

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What fruits and vegetables taste good with peanut butter, yogurt and pizza?  What kinds of produce from the garden make good toppings for a burrito?  Ask one of the 8-12 year-olds who participated in this summer’s Farm Youth Initiative program and they could probably tell you! Through the FYI program, more than 150 children from… Read more »

From the Ground Up: Planting Ideas for Local Growth

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Amidst all this snow and ice, I can’t believe I’m thinking about all things leafy and green! But, it is that time again when we invite all Capital Area Food Bank agencies to submit an application for the 2010 FGU Fresh Produce Grant—the program that sends participating agencies out to Clagett Farm to pick up… Read more »