Digital Press Announcement

On Tuesday, July 19, President and CEO Nancy Roman joined Giant president Gordan Reid at a news conference explaining what led to the decision to dramatically cut back on junk food, full calorie soda, left-over holiday candy, and sheet cake, and what it will take to implement it. (Full press release available here.)


Press Conference Video:

Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank

Gordon Reid, President of Giant Food

Press Q & A with CAFB President and CEO Nancy E. Roman:

What does the CAFB know about the health landscape among those you are serving?

Can you tell us about the CAFB’s nutrition tracker?

What is exactly is changing on September 1? What are retailers being asked by the food bank?

Will this immediately improve your whole food supply

What is the Retailers for Wellness program the CAFB is building?

What’s changing about your partnership with the CAFB’s inaugural Retailer for Wellness, Giant Food?