Mobile Market

While the food bank has over 450 nonprofit partners across the region, not every neighborhood has brick and mortar resource for those in need of food. Our monthly Mobile Markets are designed to help fill the gap. Each Mobile Market location provides an accessible, no-cost distributions of fruits, vegetables, and other groceries in different locations across the region. Food is brought to each location by a food bank vehicle and distributed directly to those in need with the help of volunteers.

Looking To Become A Partner?

Agencies do not have to have 501c3 status in order to become a Mobile Market partner, but they do have to meet a number of other requirements. These requirements include (but are not limited to) space to accommodate a market, public transit accessibility and parking, means to acquire needed tools/materials, unrestricted access to the distribution site and 1-2 site coordinators who are available during the delivery time.

An interested agency would begin by contacting the Mobile Market Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator would learn about the agency, give information about the requirements, and if all goes well, schedule a site visit. Agencies are accepted as a Partner based on accessibility, capacity, location and the level of unmet need in their area.

Looking To Become A Participant?

Call the CAFB Hunger Lifeline for the nearest Mobile Market. Show up with a bag or other container to hold food in. That’s it!