Diversity and Inclusion

divWe believe that food access is a powerful indicator of social justice and that equitable workplaces go beyond mere compliance with anti-discrimination legislation.  We are committed to diversity and inclusion and that commitment is reflected in our policies, programs, board of directors, committees and staff and through our efforts to build and maintain a culture that respects values and gathers strength born of our differences.

Cultivating Diversity

The Capital Area Food Bank believes in cultivating diversity and inclusion of all races, ethnicities, religions, ages, sexual orientations and genders.  This begins with the hiring process and extends all the way to how we engage those we serve. We believe in the fundamental importance of a work force that includes members from a variety of backgrounds, as teams are most effective and organizations are most successful when they reflect a broad mix of experience and knowledge.  A diverse workforce, honoring every point of view, creates teamwork worthy of the name.

The food bank’s dedication to achieving diversity includes an emphasis on nurturing a positive workplace environment.  Professional development supports and informs our values as they grow and evolve.  Hosting and participating in diversity training sessions, sponsoring conferences focused on social justice advocacy and encouraging informal conversations about race, class, sexual and other kinds of diversity among staff encourages mindfulness in living our values.  Our commitment reflects the food bank’s strategic focus on a team-based approach to service, education, marketing, board development and community involvement; an approach that enhances our ability to recruit and retain employees.  Integrating our diversity efforts with our strategic and organizational plans also enables us to more fully develop opportunities for the Capital Area Food Bank and to encourage and support the professional and civic contributions of our diverse staff.

Although we have long been recognized for the diversity of our workforce, we seek to continually improve our efforts to reflect the diversity of the communities and food assistance partners we serve.

For additional information about the food bank’s diversity and values, please contact the Human Resources Director, Les Johnson, at ljohnson@capitalareafoodbank.org or any member of the senior leadership team.  You will find their biographies on the website under “About,” with the link to Leadership.