Community Marketplaces

Fruits and vegetables are essential for good health but may be harder for those on a limited budget to afford. Putting produce easily within reach is the goal of our Community Marketplaces. At these monthly farmers’ market-inspired produce distributions, we provide fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables at no cost. Each outdoor market is located in high-density areas with high rates of food insecurity.

In addition to produce, markets often feature cooking demonstrations to offer inspiration for healthy meal-making, and resources – such as housing and utility assistance, health screenings, etc. – for our visitors courtesy of other service providers.

Community Marketplaces Dates and Locations (PDF): District of Columbia | Maryland | Virginia
Community Marketplaces Fechas y Ubicaciones (PDF): District of Columbia | Maryland | Virginia

Looking To Become A Partner?

Because the Community Marketplace program is operated by CAFB staff, there is no traditional role for partners. Other agencies can become involved with the program in two ways: By signing up to volunteer at a Community Marketplace through the volunteer portal or by participating as a Community Resource by contacting the Community Marketplace Program Coordinator. As a Community Resource, the agency would be able to share other services with the recipients in addition to receiving fresh produce. Some examples of Community Resources services are: health screenings, pet food and supplies distribution, sharing nutritional information, providing cooking demonstrations or snacks for kids.

Looking To Become A Participant?

Come to the Community Marketplace in your areas around 9 a.m. on the day of the distribution with a container to hold your food goods in. We suggest a reusable shopping bag or a rolling cart. Come to the registration desk and fill out the registration form. It asks for contact information, household information and a few other details. Once that is finished, you will be given a key card, just like the ones you get at a grocery store. Keep this key card and bring it to every Community Marketplace that you attend to enter the marketplace.


Come volunteer at a Community Marketplace! We’re always looking for volunteers to help set up and breakdown tables and tents, operate produce stands, and staff cooking tents.