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Thank you WIC!

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Our leaders and policymakers must continue providing critical nutrition to families in need at critical times: pregnancy, postpartum, and the first weeks and years of a child’s life.

Reserve Cutting for the Dinner Table, Not Food Funding Programs

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Information provided by Feeding America, adapted by Amanda Melara As our elected leaders in Washington continue to grapple with deficit reduction and make decisions on federal spending priorities, we hope they will remember that the people impacted by those decisions are more important than the numbers on the balance sheet. Our nation’s economy continues struggling… Read more »

Working Together Makes Outreach a SNAP!

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I spend a lot of time at county social services offices and see families of every size, shape and kind.  In addition to their need for assistance, one common bond that many families share is confusion about the rules of the programs they’re applying for, frustration with the overall process and the often very crowded conditions of… Read more »