An Excuse to Cook at Home


dining-inAfter the Thanksgiving holiday, I will return to work only to go home and whip up a couple dishes using recipes from the CAFB Kitchen. Leftover turkey from Thanksgiving will be perfect for the Turkey, Sweet Potato & Kidney Bean Chili. And I’m even going to try my hand at the Black Eyed Peas, so that I’m a pro when New Year’s Day rolls around.  The CAFB’s recipes make it easy to cook at home so who’s cooking with me?

Like the CAFB, the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences is making cooking at home easy. Celebrating the inaugural Dining In Day on December 3rd, the AAFCS is encouraging families and friends to gather and prepare healthy meals in the comforts of home.  Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Complete their online sign up form.

Step 2: See who’s participating all over the world by viewing this interactive map.

Step 3: Encourage others to join you—it’s the perfect excuse to Instagram and tweet pics of your food!

Step 4: Cook up something delicious on December 3rd!

Remember how jazzed you were in September after watching local chefs cook up easy, healthy meals during the food bank’s  Northern Virginia Hunger Summit?  Well, get jazzed again and participate in Dining In Day…and get new recipes too!

2 Responses to “An Excuse to Cook at Home”

  1. avatar Debbie Reynolds

    Trying to start a ministry called A Hand Up. Trying to partner with my local department of Social Services to teach low income families money saving shopping strategies and healthy recipes along with basic cooking skills. Any ideas?

  2. avatar Michelle in VA

    So excited to read about the Dining In Day! Wednesdays are our regularly scheduled Date Night, which nearly always involves a fabulous home-cooked meal. I think we’re making gumbo this week, using the duck stock I made over the weekend (just a little change from turkey) and shrimp and fish and okra from the freezer. I’ve already registered over at the AAFCS website!