Fresh Produce Grant

The Fresh Produce Grant brings high quality produce to low income communities throughout Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia! Every year, partner agencies of the Capital Area Food Bank are encouraged to apply for the Fresh Produce Grant. The opportunity is offered to organizations that have the structure and capacity to efficiently distribute a variety of high quality produce to the individuals they serve. Along with access to a many different fruits and vegetables, participants receive support and materials to provide educational opportunities to clients.

This program connects the fresh produce of local farms with a variety of Capital Area Food Bank partner agencies including: food pantries, clinics, after-school programs, soup kitchens, and shelters. Through this partnership, the food bank is able to provide more nutritious food across Greater Washington, contributing to health and wellness.

For more information specific to Maryland/DC partners, please click here. For more information specific to Virginia partners, please click here.

Applications for the 2014 season of the Fresh Produce Grant will be accepted from January 16th to February 17th. Applicants will be notified by March 31st. Please feel free to contact the 2014 Fresh Produce Grant coordinator, April Moyer, at or 202-644-9846.

The application period is over.

Horton’s Kids used the FPG to set up bimonthly farmers markets in the community. Anyone was welcome to come and take as much produce as they needed. Horton’s Kids provided several healthy and simple recipes for each produce item. The community really enjoyed the quality of the produce, and the markets became an event where many community members were able to bond. There was a lot of recipe sharing, and parents loved discussing fun ways to have their children try new veggies!

—Jennifer Schrum, Health & Wellness Coordinator at Horton’s Kids, Inc., participant in the 2013 Fresh Produce Grant

Benefits of the Fresh Produce Grant

  • At no charge, participants receive up to 40 different kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season
  • In 2013, on average, each participant received over 4,000 pounds of produce
  • The produce is organic and locally grown using sustainable practices
  • The food bank provides educational resources, such as recipe cards, to help participants educate their clients about the produce.

History of the Fresh Produce Grant

The FPG began over 20 years ago, when the Capital Area Food Bank partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, a non-profit that owns Clagett Farm. As a part of this partnership, the food bank buys approximately 40% of the produce from Clagett Farm. In turn, this produce is given to partner agencies through the Fresh Produce Grant. In 2000, the Fresh Produce Grant expanded to include Waterpenny Farm near Sperryville, Virginia.

2013 Fresh Produce Grant Participants